Balade boule de neige "le Monde de Perce-Neige"

Balade boule de neige "le Monde de Perce-Neige" image1


"Balade boule de neige" is one of three play areas in Le Monde de Perce-Neige, the little Habères stoat, located in the ski resort building. 2 "boule de neige" areas are available: 30 minutes (green markers) and 50 minutes (blue markers).
Help Perce-Neige to get home by scaring his foes away: you'll need to throw snowballs at them to frighten them off.


Free of charge
Le Bois Noir, 74420, Habère-Poche
During school holidays : open daily from 9am - 4.30pm. Access is authorised whilst the ski resort is open and when there's enough snow. other periods : open on wednesday-saturday-sunday.