Croq'Alp - Group visit

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The eco-museum PAYSALP and the farmers of Mieussy have teamed up to design a cheese factory open to the public. A reference site in Haute-Savoie that opens its doors and offers you a mysterious journey filled with flavours !
Open the door at croq’Alp and set off on a search for the taste of raw milk mountain cheeses. A tasty trip to share as a family, with some surprising encounters along the way. For children and adults, for French, Italian and English-speaking visitors alike, you’ll find out all about cheesemaking, the work of the farmers, breeds of cows, raw milk and its micro-organisms, mountain flowers and the know-how of the cheesemaker. A 3D film will take you into this fascinating world… You can smell, hear, observe and touch, ending your visit with a well-earned tasting session and the chance to take home some chosen products. Estimated time : 1:30


2 route de l'Etroit Denté, Fruitière des Hauts-Fleury, 74440, Mieussy