La Croix des Chartreux

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La Croix des Chartreux is engraved on stone at the foot of the Diomaz waterfall.
The old roads to Vallon in Thonon snaking through the valley along the Brevon were called the Chemin des Chartreux. You can still see sections of stone paths (after the covered bridge, on the way to Tallaz Roassaz, between Les Mouilles and Talonay, between the Col de Jambas and L'Epuyer etc.) Another sign of the Chartreux monks' presence: the crosses that they engraved in stone to mark out their territory. The most famous marks the border with this town and was engraved after a long quarrel with Mégevette about Diomaz Forest in the 17th century. You will find it at the foot of the Diomaz waterfall. Other signs lies beneath the rubble and moss that has grown over the centuries.


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