"Notre Dame de l'Assomption" Church

"Notre Dame de l'Assomption" Church image1


The first church in Bellevaux was the Benedictine priory founded in 1136.
The Benedictines built a wooden church when they came to the valley in 1136. The current church was built on the former's foundations. The eclectic architectural melting pot has powerful Neoclassic features: three naves separated by large quadrangular pullars topped by cornices bearing transverse vaulted arches. Decor and furnishings: paintings by Piedmont artists from the Sesia Valley, frescoes, high altar and lateral altars made by the Giraldy brothers from Turin. All neoclassic in style despite the pronounced Baroque features that come into the mix. The melting pot of styles stands out with the Gothic wood panels on the font, a pre-1660 painting of aint-François de Sales and Renaissance style 19th century stalls. The domed bell tower topped with a spire is the oldest part of the chapel.
84 Place de la Mairie, 74470, Bellevaux
All year round: open daily.