Pointe de Miribel

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Pointe de Miribel is an easily accessible peak with unobstructed views of Chablais and Mont Blanc.
In toponymy, Miribel means "Beautiful view". In addition to the stunning views, this trail also has fascinating religious heritage. In 1774, Pointe de Miribel received an oak crucifix and neighbouring parishes came on pilgrimages here. The crucifix was knocked down during the French Revolution. In 1808, following a vow made during the French invasion of Russia, Joseph-Marie Félisaz from Villard sculpted 17 columns from blocks of red marble brought to him on site. Each column symbolising the Miribel cavalry, is topped by an iron crucifix. There’s a statue of the Virgin Mary at the top. Many pilgrims still travel this path during ceremonies. From Ajon, travel up to Pointe de Miribel via a pretty path bordered by a stunning way of the cross. Go back down the same path to get back to your starting point.
Pointe de Miribel, 74420, Villard