Self defense workshop

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Learn the basics of self-defense, stress management and the use of everyday objects for self-defense. Our approach is designed to boost your self-confidence, while preserving your personal safety.
Jérémie is an experienced hapkido instructor (3rd Dan WHJJA black belt and 1st Dan FFTDA), and in professional self defense. He offers self-defense training adapted to all levels and physical conditions. These courses are a great alternative to classes, if you're looking to acquire self-defense skills without having to devote several hours each week. They are designed to teach you the basics of self-defense in the event of aggression, but also to perfect your existing skills. You'll learn how to deal with stress, how to use everyday objects to defend yourself, how to deal with a threat from a knife, and how to perform first aid in this type of situation. Learning to defend yourself can help you in your day-to-day life, boosting your self-confidence and helping you to better understand (and therefore avoid) the risks of physical conflict. By following this course, you'll be able to acquire natural reflexes for defending yourself in the event of aggression, and master techniques that could prove useful. Our approach is aimed above all at enabling you to react quickly, while preserving your physical integrity and always putting your safety first.


Adult: 15 € Teenager (16 years): 10 €.


2 avenue du Stade, 74140, Douvaine
Saturday 10 February 2024 between 2 pm and 5 pm.