The Nade Apiaries

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Production and sale of honey, pommades and candles. Honey that is fragrant, delicate and smooth with woody tones that reveal themselves in your mouth.
It’s possible to witness the great lengths taken to offer customers a quality product that conserves the reputation of honey as a completely natural and healthy product, free from chemicals. The beehives are placed in completely natural surroundings in high Alpine meadows, far from planted fields and farmed crops, factories or other polluting factors, reflecting the botanical wealth of the well-preserved environment. The honey is harvested in a traditional way just like our ancestors did. All the frames are removed by hand and are cold-extracted by centrifuge. The harvest is placed in a maturation cauldron before being put into jars. The honey is genuine, its crystallisation is normal; it is not heated and retains all of its natural properties. The honey is very rich in trace elements and can help to strengthen the immune system. It should be preserved between 14C and 25C. "Their minds are not just formatted for foraging. We have known for a long time that bees can distinguish colours; we now know they can count and recognise a human face."


La Chèterie d'en Haut, 74470, Bellevaux
From 01/01 to 31/12, daily.