"La Chapelle du Merle" Hike

"La Chapelle du Merle" Hike image1


At the foot of the Rocher de la Mottaz. A little loop to visit the Chapelle du Merle in the forest. Be careful, the way down can be difficult especially in damp weather.
Nature and Heritage: The little Chapelle du Merle has a unique past: during conflicts between Protestants and Catholics in Le Chablais, residents from surrounding hamlets hid a statue of the Virgin Mary under a stack of wood at the foot of Mottaz’s rocks. Residents built the chapel in 1903 and still look after with great care today. Route details: Take the little path on a hairpin turn towards La Chêterie then follow signs to La Grange on the right. The road then splits in two between La Grange’s two chalets. You can go through the forest or through the clearing to reach the Chapelle du Merle. Continue along the trail which goes back down to La Chêterie d’en Bas. When you come out of the forest, continue on the white path on the right to La Douai. Go through the hamlet and take the little path on the left of the crossroads where the crucifix stands. Along this path, you will go back to L'Epuyer via La Chêterie d'en Bas, La Longeray and Le Moulin de l'Epuyer.


Free of charge.

Route GPX track

Départ l'Epuyer, lieu dit l'Epuyer, 74470, Bellevaux
From 01/01 to 31/12. Subject to favorable weather.