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Discover an exceptional holistic well-being experience, a unique fusion of natural care. Immerse yourself in deep relaxation and inner healing. A sensory journey towards the harmony of body, mind, and soul awaits you
Through the integration of emotional and energetic release techniques, our holistic approach allows you to reconnect with your resources and potentials, liberating yourself from traumas and fears in a healthy, natural, and gradual manner. Experience improved emotional management, restore harmony and energy, and journey towards physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Bid farewell to mental overload, fatigue, fears, and uncomfortable patterns. Whether it's self-confidence, pain, stress, depression, sleep issues, divorce, burnout, weight, procreation, addictions, learning, concentration, phobias, success, breaking limiting patterns, quitting smoking, or other needs, we are here for you. Rediscover letting go, joy, balance, lightness, energy, and enthusiasm. Navigate life's challenges with greater ease. Sessions tailored for adults, teenagers, and children, whether in virtual or in-person settings. We offer approaches such as Reiki, Access Bars, Kinesiology, Hypnosis, Maïeusthésie (pertinence psychotherapy), EMDR/RITMO, as well as training in massage and Reiki. Examples of areas of intervention: stress, anxieties, burnout, phobias, trauma, shocks, failures, repetitive patterns, smoking, weight, insomnia, concentration, learning, confidence, divorce, support in illness and grief, enuresis, procreation, and many more.


130, Route de Chez Pilloux, 74250, Fillinges
All year round.